Here you will find links to various medical programs, service organizations and pro-health opportunities that we find to be exceptional for patients and health care providers. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be included on our links page.

Related Organizations:

  • AAPP - American Association of Patients and Providers
  • AAPS - Association of American Physicians and Surgeons  A non-partisan professional association of physicians dedicated to preserving the one-on-one patient-physician relationship.
  • Americans For Free Choice In Health Care Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (AFCM) is a national non-profit, non-partisan educational organization. AFCM promotes the philosophy of individual rights, personal responsibility and free market economics in the health care industry.
  • - Education and Empowerment. The advocate for businesses looking for affordable health care solutions!
  • National Organization of Physicians Who Care  Physicians Who Care believes the responsibility for medical care belongs first and foremost to physicians and patients. They affirm the right of the physician to diagnose, prescribe, test and treat patients without undue outside interference and the right of the patient to choose his or her own physician and help determine the type of treatment received.
  • True Cost of Helath Care   Most people will tell you that healthcare in the U.S. is expensive. We Americans spend more money per person on healthcare than anyone, anywhere else. But people don’t agree on why our healthcare is so expensive. Is it because of all the new technology we use in healthcare? Or is it because too many lawyers are suing doctors? Do we over-utilize our resources? Do we have too many government regulations? or maybe too few?







Specialty Organizations: